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Ingvar Villido

169 s. in english

Kustantaja Human Books, 2022

Freeing yourself from emotional addiction to live a more joyful life

Amazonin bestseller!

Humans have eternally been subject to emotional influences and addicted to their emotions. We believe that living with endless emotions is inevitable, but Ingvar shows that emotions themselves are often the cause of human suffering.
This is a handbook for the new psychology of the individual who is becoming free. Ingvar has made new discoveries about transforming the human experience. Learn specific, effective techniques to transform yourself from the inside, and become free of the tyranny of disturbing emotions.
Ingvar’s quest is for people to live life as their true self, a path that begins with emotional freedom. Discover how to quiet your mental chatter, be your own healer, and gain lasting change. Become free of past, present, and future obstacles. Come home to your true nature and discover eternal love that is waiting within you.




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