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Sinikka Piippo

220 s. hardcover

Shadow Books, 2023


Sit in silence. Be the wind. Forget about your worries and forgot that someone you imagine yourself to be.


This book is about the experiences this author has had with nature, nature´s spirituality and its frequently invisible inhabitants. The book consists of short stories these beings have given to be written down and shared. It speaks not only of beauty, wisdom, love and humour, but also of the worrying state of the Earth that these nature beings wish to bring to our attention. This book describes of wisdom of the gnomes, fairies and dragons and what they want to say on a personal or wider level. Author, Sinikka Piippo is a biologist and botanist, who has taught and written about the medicinal plants, wild vegetables, and healing herbs – about 25 books. In this book she tells about the hidden side of nature.


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Saatavuus: 1 varastossa

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